Today is the birth day of my Mother — Sadie Dancer Knapp. She would have been ecstatic over having the great grandchildren she has. She was in love with my children. As am I.

My son, Paul, is an incredible man. He is doing something he loves, working in an investigative role. My daughter, Jessi, is doing what she loves, being a mom who is also an incredible photographer. But even if they had not found their niches I’d still love and be proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished.

My son has had a lot of challenges. He has battled low self-esteem, reading comprehension, and just a plethora of life challenges such as fathering a child too soon and having a daughter with infant epilepsy. There’s not much that’s scarier than watching a normal healthy baby go from active to lethargic in a heartbeat. He weathered that, with an optimistic view and with the grace of God he will be rewarded by this magical child being health happy the rest of her life!

My daughter has had challenges. She has battled having two daughter’s born with Cystic Fibrosis, and the brutal reality of what that could mean. The idea that both of your children could have abbreviated lives is terrifying but she and her husband provide a healthy, normal life for two extremely normal girls.

When I think how I might have handled these challenges, I honestly cringe because I don’t have any idea. Does that sound pathetic? Perhaps, but I honestly don’t know how well I would have coped with such information about my children. But I’ve seen how my children coped, and I have nothing but unlimited respect and admiration for both of them.

I have no idea where they got their strength from and it really doesn’t matter, in the end. The bottom line is that they are strong enough to carry themselves, their children and their spouses through something that might have crippled other couples.

My Son and My Daughter are my heroes. I can only hope that someday their children realize, and acknowledge, them for being the heroes they are!

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