I am a serious practitioner of procrastination. I say, “I want to write more.” I say, “I want to do more work in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.” I say, “I want to design books.”


But I don’t do anything. Instead I waste time, and money, playing silly online games that distract me from what I could be doing. I think I know why I do this, too.


I’m afraid of looking like an amateur, even though that’s what I am, and I have what those who play the games I do see as relative success. You know, I’ve managed to level pretty well and have reached a point where most of the tasks in the game are achievable for me.


How I did that isn’t rocket science. I dedicated a lot of time and I’ve even wasted real money (that I don’t have) on achieving goals in that game.


So what if I did that with writing? or photo manipulation? or book designing? If I dedicate as much time to any one of those as I have to those stupid games I might realize some of the things I really want to do because I will have improved my skills.


Now that’s a revelation … not.


So I’m going to try to stop procrastinating, in the form of using an online game, to escape what I need to be doing – honing my skills.

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