First things, first.

I love my brother dearly.

Having said that, I have a huge issue with a brother that thinks my children owe him something. They do not. Nor do I.

Siblings, as wonderful as they are, are just related by parents. They are not part of you, per se. If I feel obligated to assist them in times of need, I do so because of the parent we share (yes, parent is intentional because we do not share both parents). Our mother would have expected me to help my younger brother. She might not have expected or even endorsed my children helping their uncle.

At some point we have to own our screw-ups.

When I was destitute, and in seriously dire need, my “brother” didn’t hesitate to say “no room at the inn, sis” but now, 2 years later he is in desperate need and he’s dissing one of my kids for not having money to lend him. Mind you they lent him 2K (unbeknownst to me) and he after only repaying 1200 he simply cut all of us off – no email, no calls, no taking our calls or answering our messages—he expects everyone to be there for him when he is in desperate straits.

I’m there for him as foolish as that might be, and when I’m trying to wire him the money he so desperately needs, he criticizes me, and my child who quite frankly doesn’t have anything to lend since she has just taken out a loan to improve her home and the life of her children.

My heart is heavy and my anger is high right now.

My brother, or rather half-brother, needs to realize that the ONLY family he has is the one I bring with me.

Karma is a bitch and the bitch is biting big time.

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